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1. AC Power Adapter

AC Power Adapter

Although FR1SX can work with the term power provided from the SCSI device, there are some devices that does not provide sufficient term power. And some SCSI device does not provide the term power at all. In these cases, you will need to have an external AC apadter for the FR1SX.

The FR1SX requires DC 5V/2A. Here is the required specification for the AC adapter. If you have a compatible adapter, that should work just fine. But we cannot guarantee the compatibility with third party adapters.

'Positive Tip polarity'(center "+", external "-"),
4.0 x 1.7 mm Tip and DC 5V / 2A

If you are not sure if your SCSI device provides enough term power to drive FR1SX, you can order the apadter with the FR1SX and return for refund if not needed.

If the green LED on the FR1SX lights when connected to the SCSI device, then you will not need the AC adapter. If the LED does not light, you need the adapter.

2. SCSI connector exchanger.

There are several different types of SCSI connectors. The signals are the same, but if your connector does not match with the FR1SX, you will need a connector exchanger. The FR1SX has a High Density 50P Male SCSI connector. Please check your SCSI device's connector type before ordering and add the adapter if needed.

The High-Density 50F side connects to the FR1SX and the other side goes directly to the back of your SCSI device.

High-Density 50F to Centronics 50M Adapter High-Density 50 Female to High-Density 68 Male Adapter High-Density 50 Female to D-sub 25 Male Adapter

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