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FR1SX ROM Updater for Mac OS X

Who needs to ROM update?
Need to use FR1SX Utility ver4.1 on MacOS X 10.2.1 or later

and have
FR1SX with a serial number "FR010U011xxxxx" or FR010U010xxxxx"
*If you have FR1SX numbered "FR010U012xxxxx" or later, never update the ROM data.

- File: FR1UtilityGUID.sit
- Date of upload : Apr./16/2004
- Size : 148Kbytes
- Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following files:
Mac OS X
FR1UtilityGUID ( ROM updater for Mac OS 10.1.5 - 10.2.0 )
FR1UtilityGUID_ReadMe_J ( README in Japanese )
FR1UtilityGUID_ReadMe_E ( README in English )
  FR1Utility(GUID) ( Updater for MacOS 9 (English) )
  FR1xxxxxxx(GUID) ( Updater for MacOS 9 (Japanese) )
  FR1Utility_GUID_ReadMe ( README in English )
  FR1Utility_GUID_xxxxxx ( README in Japanese )
  FR0133.BIN ( Firmware )
  Loaderloader.bin ( Loader Firmware )
  FireREXAPIDriver ( Driver for FR1 Utility )
  FireREXLoaderDriver ( Driver for FR1 Utility )
This ROM updater must be use on MacOS 9.0.4 to 9.2.2, or MacOS X 10.1.5 to 10.2.0.
Does not work on MacOS X 10.2.1 or later, because these new OS does not recognize FR1SX as an special Firewire Device. If you have any difficulty, please send back your FR1SX. We will flash the ROM and send back again. Before you send it back, please contact us or send an E-mail to our tech support.
Important Notice :
  • This ROM Updater is not the device driver for FR1SX. It's the software to update the ROM data inside FR1SX. Before installing this software, read this notes and execute carefully. If you failed updating ROM data, your FR1SX will never work again and you have to send back it to us to repair ROM data. If you don't need updating ROM data, we strongly recommend that you never install this software. This software is completely different from 'Firmware update' function in FR1SX Utility. If you need to update the firmware, you must use FR1SX Utility.
    This software updates FR1SX numbered as "FR010U011xxxxx" or "FR010U010xxxxx" to be recognized by FR1SX Configuration Utility Ver 4.1 on MacOS X 10.2.1 or later.
    Before installing this software, double check your FR1SX serial number at the back side. If it is numbered as "FR010U012xxxxx', you don't need to update. It already includes new ROM data.
How to download :
  • If you download "FR1UtilityGUID.sit" with Internet Explore or Netscape Navigator, the file extracting itself automatically.
    After extracting the "FR1UtilityGUID.sit", a folder which is named "FR1UtilityGUID" will be created.

    Refer "README" in the folder for how to flash the ROM data.

    You can not stop once you started to flash the ROM data.
    If you stop to flash the data, FR1SX will gets out of order.


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