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SPI/I2C Protocol Emulator
  • USB61 SPI/I2C Protocol Emulator converts PC USB transactions to the SPI/I2C Bus.
    USB61 enables you to easily control from a PC a variety of devices with SPI/I2C Bus.
    This product includes SPI/I2C control utility software.
    The SPI/I2C control utility can control SPI/I2C devices and GPO(General Purpose Output) signals.
    It also can save setting parameter and logging data to the file.
  • MSRP US$198.00

System Requiremnets

Supportted Computer

- Windows PC with Hi-Speed USB(480Mbps) ports

Supported Operationg System

- Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
*Also works on 64bit version.


Hardware specifications

Host Interface USB2.0 Full Speed Device
Connector USB mini B connector
Voltage 5V (via USB bus power)
Consumption Current 100mA
Device Interface SPI Master Max. frequency 12MHz
I2C Master/Slave Frequency 47KHz~1MHz
Input/Output level 3.3V/5V 1.8V/5.0V is enabled with external P/S
Dimension 2.24[W] x 2.95[D] x 0.71[H] in (57[W] x 75[D] x 18[H] mm)
Weight Approx. 0.213 oz (60g) (except cable)
Operating environment Temperature: 5 to 55 degrees Celsius
Humidity: 20 to 80% (non condensing)
* REX-USB61 can only use 1 device. On the other hand, REX-USB61M can use multiple devices.

Software List

Title Name Description
Setting file usb61.inf For Windows Vista/XP/XP x64/2000 Setting file for REX-USB61
Installer Setup.exe For Windows 8/7/7 x64/Vista 64 Installer
Utility Usb61Uty.exe Utility to control SPI/I2C
Script file I2C_script.txt REX-USB61 Batch Script file
Sample code EEPROMRWUty Sample program to send/receive SPI/I2C
I2CSlaveSample Sample program for I2C slave (VC6.0/VB6.0/VB2005/C#)
Library usb61api.dll Library to control SPI/I2C devices
usb61def.h Header file for Visual C
usb61spi.bas Module for Visual Basic
usb51spi.vb Code file for Visual Basic
ActiveX control usb61api.ocx ActiveX control
Uninstall Utility USB61_uninst.exe For Windows Vista/XP/XP x64/2000 Utility to delete INF file
Product Overview

USB61 Connect image

Cable Specifications

Signal Usage
1 Black Brown Power Input/Output of power supply for a target device
(Output 5V or 3.3V @100mA) (Input 1.8V - 5V )
2 Black Red Power Input/Output of power supply for a target device
(Output 5V or 3.3V @100mA) (Input 1.8V - 5V )
3 Black Orage 1MHz-SCL Clock for I2C
(401KHz - 1MHz bus voltage 5V only) (Pull-up resistance 10kΩ)
4 Black Yellow 1MHz-SDA Data signal for I2C
(401KHz - 1MHz bus voltage 5V only) (Pull-up resistance 10kΩ)
5 Black Green SCL Clock for I2C
(47KHz-400KHz 1.8-5V) (Pull-up resistance 10kΩ)
6 Black Blue SDA Data signal for I2C
(47KHz-400KHz 1.8-5V) (Pull-up resistance 10kΩ)
7 Black Purple SCK Clock signal for SPI
(12MHz 1.8 - 5V)
8 Black Gray SDO Data out signal SPI (12MHz 1.8 - 5V)
9 Black White SDI Data in signal SPI (12MHz 1.8 - 5V)
10 Black Black Reserve N/A(Don’t use)
Signal Usage
11 White
Brown GND Ground
12 White
Red GND IGround
13 White
Orage DO0 SS0 for SPI/PORT0 for I2C (1.8 - 5V)
14 White
Yellow DO1 SS1 for SPI/PORT1 for I2C (1.8 - 5V)
15 White
Green DO2 SS2 for SPI/PORT2 for I2C (1.8 - 5V)
16 White
Blue DO3 SS3 for SPI/PORT3 for I2C (1.8 - 5V)
17 White
Purple GND Ground
18 White
Gray GND Ground
19 White
White N.C. N.C.
20 White
Black N.C. N.C.
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