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Software update for CB32U ( WindowsNT 4.0 )

File : cb32unt.exe
Date of upload :Apr./25/2002
Size : 980Kbytes
Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following files:
REXCB32.SYS (MimiPort Driver for Windows )
CB32NT.INF (INF file for REXCB32.SYS)
READMENT.TXT (This file)
SCSIUT(Folder of SCSI Utility for Windows NT4.0)
SETUP.EXE ( Utility SetUp for Windows NT4.0 )
files used by SetUp.EXE
  ( SCSI Device Check Utility for Windows NT4.0 )
  ( Format Utility for Windows )
  ( SCSI Configuration Utility for Windows NT4.0 )
  WNASPI32.DLL (32bit ASPI Manager for Windows 2000/NT)
  WNASPI32.INF ( INF file for WNASPI32.DLL )
What's new in this release? :
  • Driver update : REXCB32.SYS Ver.1.01a-R08.02(H120914)
    1. Fixed the scanning problem with AGFA Flatbed image scanner DUOSCAN HiD.
    2. Fixed the problem which application hangup with SONY Data Recorder SIR1000.

    DLL update : Wnaspi32.dll Ver.1.1(H120502)
    1. Supports Canon scanner software, ScanGear and ScanCraft.

    Disk format Utility update : REXFMT95.EXE Ver.2.62
    1.Fixed that IDE, ATAPI and USB devices are detected by this utility.

    SCSI device recognizing Utility release : WinSSC.EXE Ver.1.07
    1.This program will scan SCSI bus and check SCSI devices attached to CB32U.
How to update your driver :
  • Make the empty folder named CB32U on the hard disk.
  • Move cb32unt.exe into the CB32U folder.
  • Double click on the CB32U folder.
    Double-click on the cb32unt.exe icon in the folder.
    Be sure that multiple files are extracted.
    Delete cb32unt.exe from the CB32U folder.

Regarding driver installation, please refer User's guide.
You can download the latest User's manual on our web site, too.


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