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Drivers for CBFW1U/CBFW3U (Rev 4.3)

- File : cbrp43.exe
- Date of upload : July 1. 2004
- Size : 587Kbytes

- Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following files:
README-EMG.TXT ( English text file (This file) )
DvPatch ( Folder for DV Patch program)
252640JPN8.EXE ( DV Patch program for Japanese Windows98SE)
252640USA8.EXE ( DV Patch program for English Windows98SE)
README.TXT (Text file on DV Patch program)
CBFW98SE.INF (Information file for the CardBus Bridge for Windows98SE)
CBRPSET.VXD (CardBus Bridge VXD file for Windows98SE)
CBFWME.INF ( Information file for the CardBus Bridge for WindowsMe)
MERPSET.VXD (CardBus Bridge VXD file for WindowsMe)
REX1394.INF ( Information file for the CardBus Bridge for Windows2000)
CBPRSET.SYS (CardBus Bridge sys file for Windows2000)
Win XP
  REX1394.INF (Information file for the CardBus Bridge for WindowsXP)
  CBPRSET.SYS ( CardBus Bridge sys file for Windows XP)
What's new in this release?:
  • The following was updated from revision 4.2 to revision 4.3
    --Following CardBus Controllers are supported.
        RICOH R5C551
        ENE CB1225/1420/1211/1410-A1
        TI PCI1510,PCI1250, PCI1620
How to extract the drivers:
  • Check your PC has enough space to install the driver in the Hard Disk or not.
    Download cbrp43.exe.
    Double click the cbrp43.exe icon. "CBRP43" folder will be created.
    If you need "How to install the driver", please read README-ENG. file in the folder.

    *Regarding these driver's detail, please refer to README-ENG.


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