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CBU2 Driver (Windows98SE/Me/2000/Xp) Version 3.7

File : cbu2_37.exe
Date of upload : Mar./24/2006
Size : 1,509 Kbytes

- Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following files:
CBU2_README-JPN.TXT (CBU2 Japanese Readme txt file)
CBU2_README-ENG.TXT (CBU2 English Readme txt file)
SETUP.EXE ( CBU2 Installer )
  CBEHCI.INF ( USB2.0 Host Card INF File )
  RSUSBD.SYS ( USB2.0 BUS Driver )
  RSUSBH.SYS ( USB2.0 HUB Driver )
  CBPRSET.SYS ( CBU2 Property Setting Driver for Windows2000 )
  CBPRSET.VXD ( CBU2 Property Setting Driver for Windows Me/98 )
  CBU2PnP.EXE ( CBU2 PNP Utility for Windows Me/98 )
  REXCFG.VXD ( CBU2 PNP Utility VXD for Windows Me/98 )
  • Microsoft officially starts supporting USB2.0 driver for Windows XP/2000.
    In order for Windows XP users to use the Microsoft USB2.0 driver, install Service Pack1 on Windows XP. In order for Windows 2000 users to use the Microsoft USB2.0 driver, download the Microsoft USB2.0 driver with "Windows Update".
    For Windows Me/98SE users, Microsoft has not yet announced USB2.0 driver.
    Our originally developped USB2.0 driver supports Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE.

    If you have difficulty obtaining the Service Pack1 for Windows XP, you may use our original USB2.0 driver. If you don't have the Internet available on your Windows 2000 PC, you may use our original USB2.0 driver.
What's new in this release? :
  • The following was updated from Rev 3.6 to Rev 3.7
    - Support Windows XP Professional 64-bit Edition

    The following was updated from Rev 3.5 to Rev 3.6
    - Support CardBus Contoller TI-PCI1620.
    - Support CardBus Contoller Ricoh R5C551.
    - Fixed problem bule panic in case of unpluged EPSON Scanner GT-9400UF.
    - Fixed problem system stop in case of abort sample extra event with REX-USB10.

    For more updated information, please refer to CBU2_README_ENG.txt.
How to extract the driver:
  • 1. Download "cbu2_37.exe" into the system.
    2. Double click the file to extract the files.
    3. The setup program will be automatically launched when you extract the cbu2_37.exe.
    4. One folder named "CBU2-37" will be extracted. Driver files are in this folder.
    5. If the setup program is not launched automatically, please double click on Setup.exe.
    6. Regarding installation of each version of Windows, Refer to "How to update the old driver".


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