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- File : CFU2_R11_CASSIOPEIA.exe
- Date of upload : Sep./19/2008
- Size : 167 kB
- Directory Structure :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following folders:
Host Driver
HID Driver
Mass Storage Driver
Driver revision history:
  • Rev.1.1
  • This version is only for CASIO CASSIOPEIA DT-5200
How to extract drivers :
  • Check your PC whether ActiveSync enabled or not, and has enough space ( 4MB or more ) to install the driver in the hard disk or not.
  • Download "CFU2_R11_CASSIOPEIA.exe" onto your system.
  • Extract "CFU2_R11_CASSIOPEIA.exe" onto the system. (Double click the "CFU2_R11_CASSIOPEIA.exe" icon.)
  • "CFU2_REV11_CASSIOPEIA" folder will be created.
  • Then, connect PDA to the PC.
  • Open "CFU2_REV11_CASSIOPEIA"folder, go to the folder for your system and run "setup.exe".

Refer to User's manual (PDF) and README_ENG.TXT for additional information.


NOTICE: Read carefully before install the drivers.

Check your serial number in the Red Mark.
  • The CFU2 should support Windows Mobile 6, if it has been shipped after September 2008, If you have purchased it before September 2008, the CFU2 card may need to be replaced. Please check your serial number at the backside of the card.

    If the serial number is "CFU2100xxxxx", please mail us the Serial Number. We will reply whether you need to replace the card or not.
    If the serial number is "CFU2101xxxxx", your card works on Windows Mobile 6. ( No need to send us your serial number. )

    If you have any questions or difficulties, feel free to contact us.

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