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Software for Linux

Information of Linux:

We provide Linux information that we have tested and that has been reported by customers.

FR1SX >> Firewire to SCSI converter
U2SCX >> USB2.0 to SCSI converter
Ultra Wide SCSI CardBus PC Card
>> Driver Software
>> Utility Software
PCI30U >> Ultra SCSI PCI Board
PCI34U >> Ultra2 Wide SCSI PCI Board
Ultra SCSI CardBus PC Card
>> Driver Software
>> Utility Software
>> Appendix (PDF file)
Tested Linux :
Red Hat Linux, Vine Linux, Turbo Linux, Kondara MNU, Slackware, Plamo Linux, Omoikane GNU
* Please refer README for detail.
SmartMedia Reader/Writer SMA03U >> Driver Software
* Please refer README for detail.

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