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SCSI firmware for PCIFS3P

File : fs3_scsi.sit
Date of upload : 8/Mar./2002
Size : 356Kbytes

This archive file contains :
pci33p_9X02.bin (SCSI Firmware (MacOS 9.x and MacOS X))
pci33p_osx_E.html (ReadMe file of Driver & Utility (English))
pci33Config_E.html (ReadMe file of SCSI Configuration Utility (English))
pci33p_osx.html (ReadMe file of Driver & Utility (Japanese))
pci33Config.html (ReadMe file of SCSI Configuration Utility (Japanese))
PCI33Config_X.app (SCSI Configuration Utility)

Regarding installation, please refer to pci33p_osx_E.html file.

Notice :
  • Current version of the driver doesn't support Sleep/Wakeup.
System requirement :
  • Mac OS X 10.0.x ( for HDD )
    Mac OS X 10.1.x ( for HDD, Removable HDD, MO drive and CD-ROM drive )


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