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Application Software Update
(RsDvCap / RsDvStill / CompressAVI Ver.2.9.2)

Video/Still image capture software
- File : fwuty292.exe
- Date of upload: February 21. 2005
- Size: 3,033 Kbytes
- This package includes:

* RSDVcap.exe
  This application software has following capabilities.
   - Preview video/sound data from DVCAM
 - Preview video data from CCD camera.
 - Capture video/sound data from DVCAM.
 - Capture video data from CCD camera.
 - Playback video file.
 - Export video file to DVCAM.
(This software uses Microsoft standard DV-AVI2 format video file.)
* RSDVStill.exe
   - Application software for capturing still image.
 - Capture still image from DVCAM.
 - Capture 30 images and select best one.
 - Capture to BMP format image file.
* CompressAVI.exe
  Utility software for video file format conversion.
   - Convert large size MS DV Type1 video file to more compact size video file.
 - Support:
        Cinepak codec, Intel Indio Video R3.2, Microsoft H.263,
        Microsoft MPEG4 Video codec, Microsoft RLE, Microsoft Video1 and more.
 - Convert MS DV Type1 video file to Adobe Premiere 5.1 importable video file.
How to extract:
  • Download the fwuty292.exe and save it in your computer.
  • Double click fwuty292.exe to extract the software.
  • "RsDvCap" folder will be created.
  • Double click "Setup.exe" icon in the "RsDvCap" folder, and follow the instruction message of the software installation.


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