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Software Download
Application Software Update
(RsDvCap / RsDvStill / CompressAVI Ver.2.9.2)

Video/Still image capture software
- File : fwuty292.exe
- Date of upload: February 21. 2005
- Size: 3,033 Kbytes
- This package includes:

* RSDVcap.exe
   This application software has following capabilities.
   - Preview video/sound data from DVCAM
   - Preview video data from CCD camera.
   - Capture video/sound data from DVCAM.
   - Capture video data from CCD camera.
   - Playback video file.
   - Export video file to DVCAM.
   (This software uses Microsoft standard DV-AVI2 format video file.)

* RSDVStill.exe
   - Application software for capturing still image.
   - Capture still image from DVCAM.
   - Capture 30 images and select best one.
   - Capture to BMP format image file.

* CompressAVI.exe
   Utility software for video file format conversion.
   - Convert large size MS DV Type1 video file to more compact size video file.
   - Support:
        Cinepak codec, Intel Indio Video R3.2, Microsoft H.263,
        Microsoft MPEG4 Video codec, Microsoft RLE, Microsoft Video1 and more.
   - Convert MS DV Type1 video file to Adobe Premiere 5.1 importable video file.

How to extract:
  1. Download the fwuty292.exe and save it in your computer.
  2. Double click fwuty292.exe to extract the software.
  3. "RsDvCap" folder will be created.
  4. Double click "Setup.exe" icon in the "RsDvCap" folder, and follow the instruction message of the software installation.

>> fwuty292.exe

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