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SMA03U Driver update for Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP

File : sma03u40.exe
Date of upload : 15/Nov./2001
Size : 239Kbytes
Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following folders:
Readme.txt (Japanese text)
ReadmeE.txt (This file)
Smax3.inf INF File for SMA03.PDR)
Smabulk.inf (INF File for SMABULK.SYS & SMAENUM.VXD)
Sma03.pdr (Miniport driver for Windows98/98SE/Me)
Smabulk.sys (WDM Driver)
Smaenum.vxd (System Driver)
Smabulk.sys (WDM Driver for Windows2000/XP)
Drvdel03.exe (Driver file delete program)
Drvdel03.txt (Japanese text )
DrvdelE.txt (Instruction of how to delete the driver)
  sma03fmt.exe (SmartMedia card physical format program)
  Sma03fmt.txt (Japanese text)
  Sma03fmE.txt (Instruction of how to format the SmartMedia card)
What's new :
  • Support Windows XP.
How to extract drivers :
  • Double click sma03u40.exe to extract.
  • Make sure that a folder named Sma03u40 is extracted.
  • The drivers are in the folder.
  • Please refer ReadmeE file which is including important information.

    Regarding to driver uninstallation, please refer DrvdelE.TXT.
    Regarding to driver installation, please refer ReadmeE.TXT.


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