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U2SCX Firmware & Utility for MacOS Ver.5.0 (Firmware Ver.1.17/Utility Ver.3.0)

Mac OSX 10.4.11 or later
Mac OSX 10.5.6 or later
Mac OSX 10.6 or later

- File :U2SCX_46.SIT ("sit" file for Mac OS X 10.3.x or earlier.)
U2SCX_50.dmg ("dmg" file for Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
- Date of upload : Mar./27/2007
- Size :U2SCX_46.sit : 548 Kbytes
U2SCX_50.dmg : 624 Kbytes
- Directory Structure :

Contents of the file :
U2SCX_ReadMe ( U2SCX English Readme txt file )
U2SCX_xxxxxx ( U2SCX Japanese Readme txt file )
  U2SCX-Configuration-E ( English Utiity for MacOS 9 )
  U2SCX-Configuration-J ( Japanese Utility for MacOS 9 )
  Firm0117 ( firmware and configuration data )
  U2SCX_OSX ( U2SCX Utility & Readme files for MacOS X)
  U2SCX_OS9 ( Drivers for MacOS 9 )
Whats New:
  • Universal binary for Intel core Mac
How to extract drivers :
  • If you download "U2SCX_46.sit" or "U2SCX_50.dmg" with Internet Explore, Netscape Navigater or Safari, extracting software will automatically be launched. If not, please double click on the file icon.
    After extracting the "U2SCX_46.sit" or "U2SCX_50.dmg", a folder which name is "U2SCX_46"or "U2SCX_50" will be created. Refer to U2SCX_ReadMe in that folder for how to use the software.

U2SCX_46.SIT (for Mac OS 10.3 or earlier)

U2SCX_50.dmg (for Mac OS 10.4 or later)

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