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CBU2U Driver (only for Windows Vista) Version 3.8

File : cbu2_38.exe
Date of upload : Mar./15/2007
Size : 1,579 Kbytes

- Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following files:
CBU2_README-JPN.TXT (CBU2U Japanese Readme txt file)
CBU2_README-ENG.TXT (CBU2U English Readme txt file)
  • This driver is only for Windows Vista system. For Windows Xp or erlier version, please use previous version of the driver.
What's new in this release? :
  • The following was updated from Rev 3.7 to Rev 3.8
    Support Windows Vista 32bit/64bit

    For more updated information, please refer to CBU2_README_ENG.txt.
How to extract the driver :
  • 1. Download "cbu2_38.exe" into the system.
    2. Double click "cbu2_38.exe" to extract the files.
    3. The setup program will be automatically launched when you extract the cbu2_38.exe.
    4. One folder named "CBU2-Vista" will be extracted. Driver files are in this folder.
    5. If the setup program is not launched automatically, please double click on SetupDriverCBU2.exe.


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