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FR1SX Utility for Mac OS 9.x & FR1SX Firmware ver 1.33

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Important Notice
This software is not the device driver for FR1SX. As the device driver is already included in MacOS, you don't need to install the special driver for FR1SX. If your FR1SX is working well with SCSI devices, you don't need to install and use this Utility. But if you have come across some SCSI trouble, please try this Utility. It will provide some good solution to fix them.
This Utility is the special software to fix some compatibility issues with SCSI scanners, tape drives and old SCSI-I devices by adjusting SCSI configuration parameters of FR1SX. To pursue it, the Utility also requires to MacOS to treat FR1SX as the 'Special FireWire Device' and overrides FireWire drivers with the unique drivers for FR1SX. This means you must restore FireWire drivers after ending this Utility and restart the system to use SCSI device with FR1SX again. You must follow the instructions shown by the software carefully when using it. And then, you must restart the system after ending it.

- File : FRUTY_OS9_43.sit
- Date of upload : Feb./25/2003
- Size : 259 Kbytes
- Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following files :
FR1 Utility Installer ( Installer of the FR1SX Configuration Utility version 2.40 )
FR0133.BIN ( Firmware data version 1.33 )
old firm
FR0123.BIN ( Firmware data version 1.23 )
FR1 Utility (FR1SX Configuration Utility version 2.40 )
What's New :
  • Firmware ver1.33
    -Support SCSI HDD Emulation Mode of the PowerBookG3.
    -Support Minolta Film Scanner Elite F-2900. ( Mac OS 9/X )
    -Support AKAI Professional Sampler CD3000XL.
    -Support Agfa DuoScan T1200, UMAX Astra1220S ( with VueScan7.5 )

  • FR1SX Configuration Utility
    Fixed the issue some settings ware autmatically changed to default value after firmware update.

    You can download the B's SIM Driver, after User Registration.
    After user registration, jump to "Web for User" and select B's Crew SIM driver.
    Refer What's SIM driver? for more information.
How to download :
  • Check your hard disk has enough space to install the file or not.

  • Download FRUTY_OS9_43_.sit.
    If your browser is Internet Explore or Netscape Navigator, the file extracting itself automatically.

  • Follow the instructions, after extracting of the FRUTY_ OS9_43.sit.


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