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Utilities for Windows & FR1SX Firmware ver 1.33

FR1SX Utilities & Firmware ver1.33. other versions > MacOS9/9.0.4/9.1 | MacOSX

Who should use? ( What the software for? )

Disk Formatter Utility: Who wants to format a SCSI hard disk drive used to use on other OSes except Windows/MS-DOS, ( Linux, Soralis, MacOS, or so ) through the FR1SX.
Configuration Utility: Who wants to use legacy SCSI device such as Scanners which need to change SCSI bus parameter settings by this Utility.
Firmware Update:
(Firmware vertion 1.33)
Who wants to use AKAI Professional Sampler CD3000XL.
This new firmware data is included in the Configuration Utility.

- File : fr1_46.exe
- Date of upload : Mar./24/2006
- Size : 2,053 Kbytes
- Contents of the file :

This self-extracting archive file contains the following files :
SETUP.EXE (FR1SX Utility setup.exe ) ( Files to be used for the Setup.exe file )
  FR0133.BIN (Firmware data)
      FR0123.BIN (OLD Firmware data)
  FrFmtW9xJ.TXT (Formatter WinMe/98 Japanese README)
  FrFmtW9xJ.TXT (Formatter WinMe/98 English README)
  FrFmtW9x.EXE (Formatter WinMe/98 Utility)
  RSFmt2XPJ.TXT (Formatter Win2000/XP JAPANESE README)
  RSFmt2XPE.TXT (Formatter Win2000/XP ENGLISH README)
  RSFmt2XP.EXE (Formatter Win2000/XP Utility)
What's New in this release?:
  • The following was updated from Rev 4.3 to Rev 4.6.
      FR1SX Configuration Utility supports Windows XP Professional 64-bit Edition.

    The following was updated from Rev 4. to Rev 4.6
    *The latest firmware( FR0133.BIN: Version 1.33 ) is available now.
      Supports AKAI Professional Sampler CD3000XL.
How to extract drivers :
  • Check your PC has enough space ( about 4M ) to install,extract the file.
  • Download "fr1_46.exe" onto your PC.
  • Extract "fr1_46.exe". ( Double click on the "fr1_46.exe" icon. )
  • "FR1SX-46" folder will be created.
How to Firmware Update (*If you are in no need, do not update the firmware.)
  • 1. Run "FRCFGLDR.EXE" in "fruty" folder.
  • 2. Click "Firmware Update Utility" button.
  • 3. Click "Browse" button and choose "FR0123.BIN" file>>"FRUTY" folder>>"FR1-46" folder.
  • 4. Click "Write" button and installation will start. ( You can not stop the installation once you start. It makes your FR1SX out of order. )
    • Win2000/XP: You need to reboot the system after the installation. You should shut down all applications before the firmware update.
    • Win 98SE/Me: You need to remove and reconnect the FR1SX, after the firmware update.

    Refer the product manual (pdf) for how to use the Configuration Utility.


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